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Get academic assistance for all your grade subjects on a single subscription. A complete CAPS-based academic year is available from Grade R to Grade 12 in all core subjects. Each of the 11600 subject topics available on our platform consists of an overview, video, detailed summary, class test and an automated quiz. Study anywhere, anytime on your own pace.

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Afrikaans; English; Zulu & Xhosa


All subjects available for the complete academic year as per the CAPS sequence

Content creators

176 teachers from some of the top academical model C schools in South Africa

Learning materials

Includes video class; high level summary; detailed notes, class test and a quiz

Additional learning assistance

AI driven teaching assistant; digital library; career guidance, dedicated tutors.


Access available to parents, teachers and tutors to view results, behaviour and discipline(usage) of a child

On its way

Soft skills; entrepreneur; job placements; funding; Shop; Banking

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